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Question: Does insurance pay for storm damage roofing repairs?

Answer: A typical property insurance policy does consider storm damage a covered loss. Of course, a few variables can affect if, and how much, your insurance company will pay. For example, if the roof damage is less than your insurance deductible and no other losses were suffered, then your insurance company won’t likely be involved at all.


Question: How much will it cost to repair a roof?

Answer: Roof repairs can run anywhere from under $100 to tens of thousands of dollars. A minor roof leak or missing shingle will cost far less than extensive structural repairs. Call our office today to get a more accurate roof repair estimate.


Question: Is it smart to replace an asphalt composite roof with a slate roof?

Answer: While slate roofs are beautiful, before you decide that’s the way to go, you’ll need to have a roofing company assess the structural integrity of your existing structure. Slate is a heavy roofing material and your current roof may or may not be able to bear its weight without some modifications.


Question: What is the difference between a roof inspection and a roof estimate?

Answer: Roof inspections are a service where we come to your home, inspect the roof for damage, and draw up a comprehensive report detailing the findings. These documents are often used in real estate transactions and insurance claims disputes. Roof estimates are estimates for roofing services based on your description of the damage or a quick onsite review. Though we may briefly inspect the roof when estimating a repair or replacement, the inspection is not nearly as detailed as a roof inspection nor is the estimate intended for purposes other than estimating the cost of the project.


Question: What is the most common cause of roof damage on South Padre Island?

Answer: We see all kinds of damage to island roofing ranging from missing shingles and storm damage to blown off roofs. Tropical storms, hurricanes, and high wind events commonly cause roof damage as do house fires, falling trees, and general wear and tear.


Question: I have no idea what type of roofing materials I want for my new home. Can you help?

Answer: Absolutely. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your roofing needs and available options.